आगे दौड़ पीछे छोड़ (September 2021)

Have you heard someone saying “आगे दौड़ पीछे छोड़“? Do you understand its meaning and the context in which it is stated? Understanding its meaning and then putting it in practice is this month’s assignment.   Unlike the majority of other proverbs and idioms, there is no close equivalent of this saying in English. A literal translation is ‘Run ahead,

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समझदार को इशारा और बेवकूफ को फटकारा (August 2021)

Idiom of this month is “समझदार को इशारा और बेवकूफ को फटकारा“. An equivalent english of this proverb is ‘A nod to the wise and a rod to the foolish’. It means that while it may take lots of efforts and energy to interact with a foolish person, you can easily and effortlessly communicate and interact with wise persons. All

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As You Sow, So Shall You Reap – जैसा बोओगे वैसा पाओगे (May 2021)

In the Hindi language, there is a common saying जैसा बोओगे वैसा पाओगे (as you sow, so shall you reap). But reaping is not a simple act of sowing. There is a long journey between sowing and reaping. While this saying is very powerful and underlines the importance of good acts, our focus in this month’s assignment is on the

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