Reflecting on Our Journey (June, 2024)

Dear Hawan Kids,

This year, we have been on an amazing journey to identify their strengths and weaknesses using a unique framework. As we look back, we see self-discovery, we see growth, and we see transformation. We began the year by identifying our non-negotiables – the values and attributes that define who we are and guide our actions. These non-negotiables are the foundation of our character: the principles we hold steadfastly, no matter what the circumstances.

In February, we took a closer look at the activities we love. We delved into the reasons behind our passions, understanding what drives us and brings us internal joy. This exploration helped us connect with our interests on a deeper level. We learnt what truly matters to us.

March brought a deeper dive into our motivations as we explored the why’s behind our why’s. This iterative process helped us peel back the layers of our desires and motivations, helping us uncover and identify our core values. It was a journey to the heart of who we are:  the essence of our aspirations and goals.

In April, we took a holistic view of our strengths: identifying and prioritizing our abilities. We recognized what we excel at and what makes us unique. This reflection allowed us to appreciate our talents and understand how they contribute to our personal and collective success.

May was a time to look forward, as we identified the strengths we wish to achieve. We set our sights on the future selves we aspire to become. This step was about our own, personal view of what growth, ambition, and self-improvement mean to us.

Now, in June, I must say that it has been an incredible journey: you made tremendous progress in identifying your true self, an inward journey yet the one that will also help you scale phenomenal successes in external world too. Please note that this self-discovery is not a destination but an ongoing process. We need to continue to explore, reflect, and learn. While our values will continue to solidify and our strengths will continuously evolve, our commitment to personal growth must stay intact.

As we move forward, let’s carry the lessons we’ve learned with us. This month, you are encouraged to revise where you stand: those who already finished all the assignments will summarize them; others, who missed some, will cover those topics. You can find the details of the previous assignments at the hawan site.


Harsh Mendiratta