Are you ready for a fun-filled challenge… (June 2021)

How well do you know Hawan procedures and its lessons? How about Arya Samaj? How about something even closer to you: hawan group and its members? As mentioned at the last hawan, in this month’s hawan, we will have an interactive session instead of the traditional monthly assignment. Using the format of Jeopardy, we will have a fun-filled exercise where all of you – parents included – will be challenged on a variety of relevant and interesting topics.

Here is the list of topics for the Jeopardy game at the upcoming Hawan:
– Hawan Procedures
– Hawan Mantras
– Arya Samaj
– Hawan Group (our group)
– Hawan Group kids (including the ones who have long been graduated)
– Latest Assignment Topics

Knowing how well you did in the last such exercise, I’m so confident of another extremely enjoyable yet learning experience!

Looking forward….

Harsh Mendiratta