Revision – पुनरावृति (December, 2018)

Namaste Kids, For the last two years, the theme of your assignments has been to identify and remove vices from life. Every year, as part of the December assignment, we review our year long learning. This year, however, we will revise our learnings from the last two years. The purpose is twofold: one, without the revision (पुनरावृति), the learned topic

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Teachings of Mahabharata – महाभारत से हमने क्या सीखा (October, 2018)

महाभारत से हमने क्या सीखा   Durga Puja, Namnavami, Garba, Dushehra, Diwali etc. constitute a long list of festivals we celebrate during this time of the year. While enjoying the flashiness and grandeur of the festivities, let’s also take this time as a wonderful opportunity to analyze the events/stories behind these festivals. In the last two years, we have learnt

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Mid-Year Revision (May, 2018)

 Identifying the behavior of flattery, not coming under improper pressures, avoiding unnecessary judgments, and addressing our own ego are not some small feats. Building a thorough understanding of even one of them has the potential to change our life. Putting them in practice can transform us from a lowly creature who is always looking for survival to a most satisfied

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