Indian Festivals (October 2021)

Indian festival season is upon us. I’m sure you have already celebrated some and excited about the upcoming ones. Yes, this month’s assignment is related to our festivals only.


The assignment has multiple parts. These parts are explained as steps that kids need to follow. These steps are…

  1. Pick one festival (btw, it does not need to be a festival from the current season – you can pick one from any time of the year}


  1. Provide a brief overview of the festival


  1. Explain why you picked it. In other words, share what intrigues you about this festival.


  1. Explain how this festival is celebrated in your family and society (talk about clothes, decoration, pooja, celebrations, customs etc.)


  1. Describe in your words when this festival came into being – or why people started celebrating it.


  1. And finally – and this is the most important part – share what spiritual, motivational, and life-altering lessons you get from this festival. It will be great to quote one of the specific examples/stories from this festival you resonate with and draw the lessons from. Even better will be you relating them with one or more lessons you have learnt previously.


I encourage kids to make this month’s assignment as descriptive and colorful as our festivals are. Looking forward to kids insightful explanations and understanding of our festivals.



Harsh Mendiratta (Hawan Uncle)