Time to identify, acknowledge, and celebrate our “rockets” (July 2023)

We all are beneficiaries of the satellites that are continuously and diligently rotating around the earth and performing their functions. But do we know who placed those satellites in their orbit? Where are they? Understanding this phenomenon will unveil the beauty and purity of another human relationship. I suppose you have guessed what I am about to share with you. Anyway, let’s start by examining the process of a satellite launch.

Typically, it is a large rocket, standing tall and brimming with determination. Facing the vast sky, when it is ready to put its full might into planting its satellite in space, it creates a tremendous roar. As the engines ignite, it unleashes a torrent of fiery power that pushes against the Earth’s gravitational pull.  Carefully navigating through the reaches of space, it ensures the satellite reaches its designated orbit. Once the satellite is precisely positioned in its orbit, the rocket has fulfilled its mission. Everyone rejoices! But this achievement does not come without a steep price. With its fuel depleted and purpose fulfilled, the rocket exhausts its last reserves of energy, burning brightly before it falls into oblivion. While cheering for the proud satellite, everyone forgets about the sacrifice of its rocket.

By now you must have noticed the parallels here: the intricate relationship between satellites and rockets also unveils a fascinating analogy to the profound bond between parents and children.  It is parents who serve as the driving force behind their children’s growth and development. Parents provide the initial propulsion, igniting their children’s potential and setting them on a trajectory towards success. Like a rocket making thunderous noise and defying the pull of gravity, parents fight with life challenges and carry them upwards against the pull of vices and negativities. Parents equip their children with the tools, knowledge, and values to navigate life’s challenges. They not only dedicate themselves to their children’s well-being but also forfeit personal ambitions. They have a singular aim of securing a brighter future (a sound orbit) for their children. Alas, we, the satellites, become busy in our life’s orbit; and, often forget about the “rockets” who burnt their life’s energy to help us achieve our goals.

In this month’s hawan, we will celebrate our “rockets”.  As you know, July is a very special and dear month for Hawan Group: we dedicate this month’s hawan to our parents, by celebrating and worshiping them. We are extremely excited and looking forward to the Parents Day (मातृपितृ दिवस) celebration on July 23rd.

Please watch the attached video and let your kids watch it too. This has the details of the kids assignment. I’ve a few additional points below.

👉 Attire: Indian traditional dresses. Create a festive atmosphere, capture the moments, and generate lifelong memories.

👉 Stuff: Pooja Plate with Diya, Tilak, Fruits/Sweets, Water Pot (लोटा), Towel (a small one).

👉 Grandparents: irrespective of where they are, please do not forget to invite them. They are the most important people in our lives.

Please note that a special day becomes special only when special people are there. So, I earnestly request all the hawan families to join for this beautiful occasion. Even if your kids have grown up and you are not regular, please do come on this day. We will be waiting for you!


Harsh Mendiratta