The Character Traits and Values I wish to Possess (May, 2024)

While seriously taking stock of our passions, strengths, and values, it is quite natural that we also come across certain qualities that we absolutely desire but do not consider them to be our strengths. These are the qualities that we often notice in others – and likely secretly aspire to acquire those qualities – yet, for whatever reasons, we fail to make them a part of our core values. As you know, Hawan kids are on a journey of self-discovery. After identifying hidden and not so hidden core strengths, it is a time to also identify the character traits and values that kids get attracted to, yet those qualities stay elusive. The topic for this month’s article is the character traits and values I wish to possess.

After going through the last few months’ assignments and listening to the reflections of others, kids likely have some idea about the values they have affinity to yet are not their own. For instance, a kid may like their friends being punctual or having great oratory skills but cannot claim those qualities to be their own. It is also possible that kids never explicitly thought about those qualities, but this assignment will make them think in this direction. In that case, kids can look at the last month’s assignment for the list of character traits that others have shared.

As a part of this month’s assignment, kids will identify up to three key qualities that they wish to have. For each such quality, kids will reflect and share the following aspects:

1. Name of the quality they want to possess

2. What motivates them to have that quality

3. What they think will happen once they acquire that quality

4. What problems or obstacles have stopped them in acquiring that quality

5. What steps they must take to overcome the above obstacles

Once kids recognize the importance of these qualities and traits, build a solid understanding of the respective obstacles, and identify steps to overcome those challenges, the likelihood of the kids staying committed to the process becomes higher – even during the state of setbacks.

We are looking forward to hearing deep insights and interpretations. We wish our kids the best.


Harsh Mendiratta