समझदार को इशारा और बेवकूफ को फटकारा (August 2021)

Idiom of this month is “समझदार को इशारा और बेवकूफ को फटकारा“. An equivalent english of this proverb is ‘A nod to the wise and a rod to the foolish’. It means that while it may take lots of efforts and energy to interact with a foolish person, you can easily and effortlessly communicate and interact with wise persons. All a wise person needs is a hint, whereas a foolish person does not get the message despite long explanations. While it is often easy to point out who in our circle fall in wise or foolish category, it is extremely difficult to find the category in which we fall ourselves. In this month’s article, the hawan kids will go over the traits of wise and foolish people, with the objective of identifying and eliminating their own mistakes and negative traits.

Let’s go over a few key qualities that clearly separate people.

– Humanity has evolved by continuous learning and improvements, which is a key characteristic of wise. We owe our growth to a small number yet potent set of wise people. A foolish, on the other hand, is often closed mind. They will seldom learn, and if ever they learn, the essence of their learning is completely wrong. Foolish continuously drag themselves and others down.

– Wise are disciplined. They believe in the virtues on discipline and stick with a regiment and order. Foolish not only lack discipline but also abhor any structure. They will also try to justify their chaotic nature.

– wise are accountable. They will admit their mistakes, learn from them, and work hard to not repeat them. Whereas, foolish never see their faults. They are quick to blame people or situations. It is not a surprise that foolish continue to repeat mistakes.

– Wise are ethical and care for others, whereas foolish are often unethical and indifferent to common goal. Where wise are selfless, foolish are utterly selfish.

– While wise are imaginative and creative, foolish are dogmatic and adamant.

– Wise persons speak to share something of substance, whereas foolish speak for the sake of speaking of to impress others.

– Wise do not try to convince others of their smarts; their actions do it anyway. Foolish spend lot of energy to simply appear smart.

– Wise are deep who focus on their internal self. Foolish are shallow who focus on external appearance, like their clothes, looks and objects.

– Where wise are ready to give to others, foolish have an extreme sense of entitlement. While you can blindly rely on wise, relying on foolish makes you look foolish.

– Irrespective of the underlying acts, wise are always present in the moment. Foolish, on the other hand, are always distracted in low productivity acts, like social media engagement.

All in all, wise people are blessings. They are enjoyable to hang out with. You look forward to meet them. You create pleasant memories with every interaction. Even a thought of such persons makes you smile. You become a smarter and better human being by their presence in your life.

Foolish are completely opposite. Your subconscious mind wants to avoid them. If you have to meet them, you end up feeling heavy, annoyed, or disturbed afterwards. If you are not extremely careful, their company – or even their thought – brings the worst out of you.

Let’s take this month’s assignment as an opportunity improve ourselves by adding to what is auspicious and identifying and getting rid of what is inauspicious in our nature.

Harsh Mendiratta🙏🏼