Parents Day (July 2022)

Namaste Everyone,

July is a very special and dear month for Hawan Group: we dedicate this month’s hawan to our parents, by celebrating and worshiping them. We are extremely excited and looking forward to the Parents Day celebration on July 31st. BTW, so what if it is virtual, our feeling are solid and real; so what if it is remote, our hearts are closer than ever; so what if we will not be able to feel the touch of our seniors and elders this time; their blessings are always with us.

Please do watch the video that was shared separately and let your kids watch it too. I’ve a few additional points below. Please go over them:

👉 Attire: Indian traditional dresses. Create festive atmosphere, capture the moments, and generate lifelong memories.

👉 Stuff: Pooja Plate with Diya, Tilak, Fruits/Sweets, Water Pot (लोटा), Towel (a small one).

👉 Camera: have your zoom camera set beforehand in such a way that your whole family is fully visible during the Hawan and celebration.

👉 Grandparents: irrespective of where they are, please do not forget to invite them. They are the most important people in our lives.

Harsh Mendiratta🙏🏼