End-of-the-Year Assignment (December 2022)

A fun-filled, entertaining yet highly informative activity on the end-of-year Hawan!

Dear Hawan Kids,

Hope all of you are doing great and looking forward to the upcoming holidays. As you very well know, the December Hawan is a special Hawan where we review the year-long learning. This year is no exception.

While being in the remote setting in the last few years, we have played Jeopardy style games. This time, being in-person, we will play Kahoot based quiz, making it not only different but also quite fascinating. In place of your individual article, there will be an interactive session where all of you will join in a single QA session. Questions will appear on the screen.

I hope you have played Kahoot before and know its format. If you have not, I will suggest you to familiarize yourself with Kahoot games beforehand. You can participate in it directly from your laptop or mobile phone.

The categories of questions in the Hawan Quiz include this year’s Hawan assignment theme (i.e., Arya Samaj and its principles), Hawan procedure, names & meaning of different mantras, Indian festivals, Indian values, and several general topics including India.

As for the participation in the quiz, every kid will partake as an individual participant. In fact, parents will also be encouraged to join as separate participants.

As you may already be feeling, it will be a fun & entertaining yet meaningful celebration of the year-end hawan. I look forward to a lively, zestful session.

Please let me know if you have any questions or need clarification.

Harsh Mendiratta 🙏🏼