God (February 2012)

The assignment for this month is God. God Hindus believe in the Supreme Power that has created the entire world including all living and non-living things. He is the creator and sustainer of the universe. He existed prior to the creation of the universe.  Hindus call that divine conscious power (God) by various names: Ishwar, Parameshwar, Paramatma, Brahma, Aum, Bhagwan,

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Who is a Hindu (January 2012)

Hinduism is one of the most ancient and rich religions. However, because of the plurality of gods/goddesses, rituals, discourses, beliefs and practices, sometimes, the core definition and essence of our religion gets muddled in our minds. While we can unequivocally call ourselves Hindus, we may not be able to consistently describe our religion. To ensure we and our kids are

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North India – Cultural Heritage (June 2011)

Namaskar Everyone, This month we will cover Hindu cultural practices followed  in North India. Kids can talk about festivals, landscapes, dances, traditional clothing, language and food. They can also talk about other unique aspects and interesting facts of life in North India. Kids, All Havan group members are very proud of your presentations. Your presentations at Havan make all of

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