Mahabharata (February 2013)

The scripture of this month is Mahabharata. The topic we covered last month, the Gita, is part of the great epic, the Mahabharata. Vyasa Muni wrote this epic. It is considered one of the most important and treasured literature.  Apart from being a composition of the historical events, it has huge religious relevance.
The Mahabharata is one of the rare literature that current citizenry can relate to their day-to-day lives. It shows how greed, arrogance, deception, selfishness, hypocrisy, gambling, drinking, and other vices can lead to fight, injustice, oppression, and complete destruction.
The Mahabharata tells the story of the Pandavas and the Kauravas who were two paternal cousins. It captures the detailed description of the conflicts and struggle between the two families.
Instead of merely reviewing the events, in this month’s assignment, kids are expected to focus on the message and learning from the Mahabharata events. Kids can pick any event from this literature and then articulate the lesson they learnt from it. For example, King Yudhishthara, the eldest Pandava brother, who despite being a virtuous person who always spoke truth, observed dharma, and possessed astute political skills fell prey to gambling.
We are looking forward to the kids’ narration and interpretation of the events. To provide proper context, please take time to discuss and review the assignment with kids.
Harsh Mendiratta