Jealousy – Identify and Remove ईर्ष्या – पहचाने और निकाले (April, 2017)

“A proper diagnosis is half the cure!” a famous quotation of medical field also applies to mental diseases – particularly the way we think. However, most of the time, we stay oblivious to the existence of any flaws in our thinking let alone diagnosing or curing it. Moreover, the diagnosis of the ailments of thoughts is painful and unsettling, for

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Cleansing Vices (January 2017)

Majority, if not all, of the people who have achieved any material goal in life will attest to the fact that success didn’t come to them without a clear understanding of the target, self-evaluation to identify weak points, and a firm practice routine to remove the deficiencies while maintaining or improving the strong points. And like achieving any physical goal,

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End-of-Year Presentation (December 2016)

Namaste, As one of the critical parts of any learning is revision (पुनरावृति), without which the learned topic is likely to be forgotten, this month, the hawan kids will review and revise their year-long learning. At this month’s Hawan, kids will share their understanding of all the topics of 2016 in multiple, creative ways: e.g., presentations, skits, poems, posters and

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