Licking Dew does not Quench Thirst – ओस चाटने से प्यास नहीं बुझती (February 2021)

Learning jumps from ordinary to extraordinary when a student can see beyond the facts, apply the acquired knowledge in different fields, and compare and contrast the points across similar looking yet different matters. At this stage, not only the knowledge gets wholly assimilated into the learner’s character, but it also turns into wisdom. This month, the Hawan kids will focus on comparing the two idioms we learned recently. In January 2021, the idiom of the monthly assignment was ओस चाटने से प्यास नहीं बुझती (Licking Dew does not Quench Thirst); whereas, in January 2020, the idiom was बूँद बूँद से घड़ा भरता है (Drop-by-drop Fills A Pitcher). The kids will talk about the superficial contradictions and foundational alignment between the two idioms.

The assignment has three parts.

The January 2021 topic ( emphasized the size of action: how a bigger goal requires more significant efforts. On the other hand, the January 2020 topic ( stressed the need for small steps in achieving the goal. Don’t they look contradictory – at least, on the surface? Here, I will request you to read both the articles and contemplate the gross and subtle differences between the two. Capture your thoughts. It is the first part.

Next, I will encourage you to think about some of the human characteristics at play in these idioms. I will give you a few examples: hard-work, perseverance, continuity, planning, strategic thinking, commitment, and patience. Write how each of these traits applies in either idiom – as the second part.

If you pay a bit more attention, you will also notice that you have achieved some goals as per our expectations but failed in others. Think of the goals that you were able to fulfill as well as the ones you missed. Now, try to explain your success and failure in achieving your goals in the context of these two idioms. This contemplation forms the third and final point of your assignment.

As always, we are proud of how you are learning and growing – and helping others grow with you.

Harsh Mendiratta🙏