Role and Importance of Aachman and Anga Sparsh Mantras (June 2019)

Rituals are the actions that convey specific meaning without explicitly stating them. While they are not uttered, the meaning must be clear in the minds of the doers; otherwise, the ritual would become meaningless. Think about the ritual of namaste, which a person carries out by pressing both palms against each other, thumbs closes to heart, and head slightly bowed. It signifies the respect and love of the doer for the receiver. But, if the doer does not understand the importance of this ritual and offers it without love and respect, the act of namaste becomes hollow. On the other hand, the action of namaste done with reverence directly touches the receivers heart. Similarly, there are a few key rituals that accompany worship. Hawan is started with a few rituals that are carried out along with chanting of the mantras of those rituals. These are Achman and Anga Sparsh Mantras. To fully benefit from those acts, it is absolutely critical that we appreciate the goal of the rituals and understand the deeper meaning of the accompanying mantras. The import of these mantras and rituals is often discussed with kids during monthly hawans. The assignment for this month’s hawan is “Role and Importance of Aachman and Anga Sparsh Mantras.


Aachman Mantras:
ॐ अमृतोपस्तरणमसि स्वाहा ।।1।।
Om amrito pastaran masi svaha |
ॐ अमृतापिधानमसि स्वाहा ।।2।।
Om amrita pidhaan masi svaha |
ॐ सत्यं यशः श्रीर्मयि श्रीः श्रयतां स्वाहा ।।3।।
Om satyam yash shreer mayi shree shrya taam svaha |

Anga Sparsh Mantras:
ॐ वाङ्म आस्येऽस्तु { से मुख को }
Om vaangma aasye stu | {Mouth}
ॐ नसोर्मेप्राणोऽस्तु { से नासिका के दोनों छिद्रों को }
Om nasorme praano stu | {Nose}
ॐ अक्ष्णोर्मे चक्षुरस्तु { से दोनों नेत्रों को }
Om aakshor me chak shur astu | {Eyes}
ॐ कर्णयोर्मे श्रोत्रमस्तु { से दोनों कानों को }
Om karnyor me shrotram astu | {Ears}
ॐ वाह्वोर्मे बलमस्तु { से दोनों बाहों को }
Om bahu vor me balam astu | {Arms}
ॐ ऊर्वोर्मेऽओजोस्तु { से दोनों जंघाओं को }
Om uur vorma ojo stu | {Knees}
ॐ अरिष्टानिमेऽङ्गानि मनूस्तन्वा में सह सन्तु { से सब शरीर पर जल छिड़कें }
Om arishtaani megaani tanoo stanva mi sah santu | {All Over}


As the part of the assignment, the hawan kids are expected to…
– Memorize these two mantras
– Know their literal meanings
– Build appreciation of their deeper meanings
– Explain how those rituals are carried out physically
– Explain the role of water in the rituals
– Explain the mindset (i.e., prayer) the doer must maintain during the act


As we have discussed these rituals several times, I hope the kids will be able to finish the assignment without taking any help from the internet, where lots of incorrect information is available.


If you need any help, please let me know.


Harsh Mendiratta