Sharing of Knowledge (June 2010)

Meaning: The poet says that knowledge is one wealth that doesn’t decrease after being used. Knowledge increases by leaps and bounds when you share it with others. On the other hand if you do not practice what you have learnt, or share your knowledge with others, you are bound to forget even what you know.

Explanation: In Hinduism Saraswati is considered the goddess of knowledge, music and art. In this doha, the poet is sharing his thoughts on spreading of knowledge. According to the poet, your knowledge increases when you share it with others and it decreases if you try to keep it to yourself. If you think about it, if you teach something that you know to others, you understand the concept even better. The shared concept stays in your memory for long time, and you also have an opportunity to listen to other’s point of view. Sharing your knowledge with others opens up new doors for you and others.

If you don’t share your knowledge, you tend to forget what you had learned and over period of time you lose what you once knew. When people share knowledge with each other keeping aside their egos, they grow and develop into better human beings. This in turn results in better societies, countries and eventually a better world to live in.
So let’s take a pledge today that with our article, we will teach something new to our Havan buddies. It could be as simple as a saying, a quote, or a story. It could be something you learned from experience that you would like to share with others.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

Renu Mendiratta

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