Indian Festivals (October 2004)

Probably, it is not an exaggeration to call India a country of festivals. Indian festivals are large in number and extremely diverse in nature, like festivals belonging to various religious beliefs, national and regional significant events, seasonal and sometime family traditions. These festivals not only bring excitement and thrill but also make our lives colorful. They remind us of our

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Indian Scriptures (January 2004)

Indian scriptures are grouped in following seven major categories: 1. Vedas o       Rig Veda – General Knowledge o       Yajur Veda – Knowledge of Karma o       Sam Veda – Knowledge of Worship o       Atharva Veda – Knowledge of Science 2. Upnishads o       Philosophy of Life and commentary of Vedas 3. Ramayana o       True Story of Lord Rama 4. Mahabharata o       The

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