An Entertaining End-of-the-year Hawan Assignment (December 2020)


Dear Hawan Kids,


Hope your tests/exams are over – or almost over – and you are looking forward to the upcoming holidays. This season also means it is the time for our special hawan where we review the year-long learning. This month’s assignment will not only be different but also quite fascinating.


In the prior end-of-the-year sessions, you put together and present your thoughts and understanding using different methods and tools, such as PowerPoint. In this year’s session, on Sunday, December 27, instead of following the typical style where each family presents individually, we will have an interactive session where all of you will join in a single QA session. Questions will be posed to you in the Jeopardy game style. If you have watched or played Jeopardy show, you already know its format. If you have not, I will suggest you familiarize yourself.


The categories of questions in the Hawan Jeopardy include Hawan procedure, names & meaning of different mantras, idioms [that we covered this year], Indian values, and several general topics we have been talking about.


As for the participation in the quiz, every kid will partake as an individual participant. In fact, parents will also be encouraged to join as separate participants.


As you can feel, it will be a fun & entertaining yet meaningful celebration of the year-end hawan. I look forward to a live and zestful session.


Please let me know if you have any questions or need clarification.



Harsh Mendiratta 🙏