Yoga (January 2006)

What is Yoga?

The word Yoga means to unite, to join, or to bring together. It is the control of the activity of mind. Yoga is that knowledge or practice by means of which human being attains union with God. It is Yoga that shows us the path of God-realization. By following the path of Yoga the body becomes healthy and free from diseases. The mind develops higher level of focus and concentration. Also, by means of meditation the path of self and God realization is opened.

Techniques of Yoga:-

To truly achieve the highest level of Yoga, eight techniques or steps are identified by our sages.

1.       Yama

2.       Niyama

3.       Asanas

4.       Pranayama

5.       Pratyahara

6.       Dharana

7.       Dhyana

8.       Samadhi

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