Madhur Vachan (March 2010)

Madhur Vachan Hai Aushadi Katuk Vachan Hai Teer

Tulsi Meethay Vachan Say Sukh Upjay Chahu Aur

The poet Tulsidas says – sweet words act like a balm to the distressed person. Kind words have as much healing power as any medicine. On the other hand harsh words spoken pierce the other person like a sharp arrow and gives him a lot of pain. Hence we should always talk sweetly and spread happiness all around us.

In Hindu culture, a lot of emphasis is put on speaking politely with elders, young and your peers in everyday dealings. We are responsible for the decisions we make in our life. It is up to us what we choose in life. If you speak politely, you have nothing to loose. You will make a long lasting impression on others. If you speak politely, people are willing to go an extra mile to accommodate you. If you hurt some one physically, it heals overtime. But if you hurt someone with your harsh words, it might never heal. You cannot take the words you speak back. They are like an arrow which has left its bow. It is a good idea to think before you speak and only say polite words that will soothe others.

For the upcoming week, please practice being polite and share with us the power of speaking politely.