Sanskaras (October 2005)

Sanskaras means making impression that would determine the future quality of life. These religious ceremonies ensure that individual follows the right path in their life. There are sixteen sanskaras. Sanskaras prevent an individual from joining undesirable company and influence him to become a useful citizen.

The first sanskara marks the beginning of life and the final sanskara is performed at the time of the death. They are meant to invoke the blessings of God and help an individual achieve truth and goodness. Sanskaras are like sign boards that indicate the direction that must be taken at each stage. The sixteen sanskaras are:

  • Garbhadana
  • Punsavana
  • Simantonayana
  • Jatakarma
  • Namakaran
  • Nishkramana
  • Annaprashan
  • Choodakarma
  • Karnavedha
  • Upanayana
  • Samavaartna
  • Vivaha
  • Vanaprashtha
  • Sannayasa
  • Anteyshti.

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