Reflections (August, 2018)

One of the definitions of spirituality is living a life that exemplifies the alignment of thoughts, speech, and actions as well as the harboring of pure intentions. In the last few years, we have gone over a number of key human attributes, which range from pure qualities that we need to imbibe to vices that we need to shun. After learning about them (putting them in thoughts) and speaking about them (in monthly assignments and elsewhere), now it is time to reflect by observing those qualities in real life scenarios. This process starts by becoming a keen observer of events around us and noticing the role those human attributes play in the outcome.

Recently, we celebrated a number of group events: summer picnic, parents day, and annual function. The assignment for this month is to write an essay on one of the events. In this essay, kids will pick an event, share their experience, and talk about the role of recently learnt hawan lessons that they saw in action. For example, if the topic is the annual function, kids can talk about how they noticed the attribute of selflessness in the event.

To help, here are a few ideas of topics from recent years that kids can employ as they write the essay:
Respect in day-to-day life ( and
Gratitude (
Health and Spirituality (
Do No Evil (
Hear No Evil (
See No Evil (
Be A Selfless Worker – Not Selfish (
Find Solutions – Not Complaints (
Be A Doer – Avoid Laziness (
Give – Not Grab (
Cheer in Others Success – Not Jealous (
Choose Your Company Wisely (
Be Genuine – Avoid Fakeness (
Seek Happiness by Avoiding Unnecessary Judgments (
Stay Wary of Ego (

There are a lot more valuable lessons on that kids can review. Their essays need to reflect one or more of the above lessons that they observed in the event.


I am looking forward to hearing your genuine experiences and the impact hawan is having on your personality.

Best Regards,
Harsh Mendiratta🙏