Teachings of Mahabharata – महाभारत से हमने क्या सीखा (October, 2018)

महाभारत से हमने क्या सीखा


Durga Puja, Namnavami, Garba, Dushehra, Diwali etc. constitute a long list of festivals we celebrate during this time of the year. While enjoying the flashiness and grandeur of the festivities, let’s also take this time as a wonderful opportunity to analyze the events/stories behind these festivals. In the last two years, we have learnt about various vices and how they, including the ones that look guiltless on surface, can cause havoc. Our scriptures, epics and ancient literature are full of life-changing lessons, but they can transform us only if we look for those lessons and try to learn from them.


As discussed at the last hawan, we will spend the next few months digging deep to unearth the meanings and messages inherent in some of the great Indian epics. After covering Ramayana in the last hawan, we will focus on Mahabharata this time. The topic of this month’s assignment is ‘Analyze Events from Mahabharata’.


While below is not an exhaustive list, it provides sufficient hints to the nature of lessons kids can focus on:


-> There is no escape from our actions – Law of action always prevails

-> Understand the importance of our thoughts – because thoughts invariably turn into actions

-> Love the friends and family but not become blind by it – excessive love (moh) sways people from righteous path

-> Tame the tongue – a loose tongue can lead to devastation

-> Quality of company is extremely important – a single bad person in the circle is sufficient to eradicate everything we ever built/acquired

-> Addictions invariably cause destruction – any and every addiction (such as gambling, drinking, smoking, drugs etc.) is a doorway to devastation


Parents are requested to share a few anecdotes of Mahabharata with kids, and then let them interpret and analyse the human traits behind them.


Looking forward!



Harsh Mendiratta🙏