Our Parents – हमारे माता पिता (August 2016)

Have you seen God? Answer to this question may be an unequivocally no.

Why is that, BTW?

Because God is beyond the senses of sight, touch, sound, taste and smell.


Agreed. But then, would it be absurd if I say that I have seen God. And not only that, most of you have seen Him too?

Of course, it would be absurd! How can you or anyone for that matter see Him, and where?


We all see Him daily – in our parents! Sounds preposterous? Think of what God is to us and what He does for us. Let’s make a list and once you have that list, go over that list again. This time, critically analyzing each item whether our parents aren’t taking care of the majority – if not each – of them already. It’s not a surprise then that our scriptures also equate parents to God: मातृ देवो भवः पितृ देवो भवः. For the hardships our parents endure for us, we cannot pay them back in several lives.


As it must be obvious by now that topic for this month’s Hawan article is Our Parents (हमारे माता पिता). Kids will prepare a list of “things” their parents do or have done for them; how they feel about their parents; whether they have been unreasonable with their parents – ever. This month, kids will also undertake another interesting exercise: each kid will write a story; a story about the life of a child who grows up without parents – the kinds of problems, pains, and sufferings he/she faces. This story could be based on the books, movies, or real life experiences. Finally, they will also share whether writing this story, even if it’s a fictitious one, made them change their views about their parents.


Let’s make this month’s exercise a true kids reflection – with minimal parents input.


Harsh Mendiratta