Contentment – Suntosh (September 2009)

WHAT IS CONTENTMENT: Contentment is a state of mind in which one remains satisfied even when subjected to various longings and temptations in day-to-day life. Contentment is the very basic nature of Soul (Atma).

Stuff cannot make you happy. If you are unhappy, more stuff, more possessions will not make you happy. We should be thankful for what we have. We cannot be content unless there is gratitude. Contentment is the blessing of a good heart. When you are content you feel peaceful inside. Only those who are content with what they have can truly be happy.

While contentment is identified as one of the main character attributes in our literature, it has been misunderstood and often equated with laziness and quittance. Elder kids are expected to bring their thoughts on how contentment and competitiveness can stay together, how one can continue to pursue progressively higher goals but still be content at heart.

Few ideas to achieve true contentment:

1.    Develop a thankful attitude.

2.    Practice being satisfied.

3.    Enjoy what you have.

4.    Establish a habit of giving.

5.    Visiting and helping less-fortunate.

6.    Limit your intake of advertisements.

7.    Self reminder that contentment doesn’t reside in stuff.

8.    Work on finding your contentment in God.

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