Truth – Satya (February 2009)

In words of Swami Dayanand Saraswati, Truth is to know a thing as it is, believe it to be as it is, speak of it as it is, and act in accordance with what it is. All People should speak truth at all times, in all the ways, and for the good of all. However you should not use the speaking of truth to insult, to hurt or to harm anybody.

Benefits of True Conduct:

  • If you live a life of truth, you achieve the happiness of world and the lasting happiness of spirit.
  • If you always speak the truth, people always have faith in you.
  • A man of truth feels no fear, while the man of untrue conduct always feel shaken by fear.
  • The man who speaks the Truth has to take the courage once, even though somebody feels annoyed, and then he is happy and secure. But the man who tells the lie has to speak hundred more lies to sustain the first lie.
  • A man of truth is happy and healthy. A man of untruth can never be healthy—for the reason they cannot be happy.
  • Truth bestows many advantages in the world and eliminates many evils from society.
  • The heart and mind of a man of truth is true and simple, and he can naturally worship God in meditation.

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