AIR – Vaayu (August 2008)

Air is called Vayu in Hindi. Air is one of the five basic elements of nature, namely earth, air, fire, water, and space. Air represents strength. Air/wind is used as a synonym for prana. This is the reason Vayu is referred as Vayu devtaaa in Hindu scriptures. People also worship Vayu devtaa as a deity supporting Mother Earth. The life on Mother Earth would not be possible if there were no Air. Air supplies us with oxygen, which is essential for our bodies to live.

There is a lot we can learn from Air. Air represents flow of life in the form of continuous movement. If air stops flowing, life on earth would end. Similarly, we keep growing as long as we are learning and increasing our knowledge. If we stop learning, we start to decay.

Air also teaches us about our limits (maryada). While in control, air can generate energy. On the other hand, it can cause massive destruction when it goes out of control (in the form of tornados, hurricanes etc). We should learn to channel our efforts in positive direction. When we use our energy and force constructively everyone benefits.

Despite all the benefits and virtues of pure air, we (the humans) pollute it all the time. Our day-to-day activities release various substances into the air, some of which causes problems for humans, plants, and animals. An excess of industrial air pollution can even stifle natural cycles of rain and snowfall. Recently, many countries around the world are taking steps to bring awareness about virtues of air purity. Proactive steps are encouraged to stop the damage to our environment from air pollution.

You can help reduce air pollution by learning about it and making simple changes in your daily life. List the things you can do to prevent air pollution.

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