Nature As Our Guru (January 2008)

Mother nature is our first and foremost guru/teacher now and forever. We are going to observe the qualities of WATER and learn to apply these in our daily life.


We use Water in almost all the rituals, poojas and daily life. Yagna starts by aachman/ungsparsh , touching water to various parts/faculties/indriyas of our body. This action/kriya is performed with water and water only and not with milk, fruit juice or alcoholic beverages. We drink water thrice from our right hand palm. We hold water in our left hand palm and touch various parts of our faculties, requesting for God’s blessings, asking for cleanliness, health and appropriate good use of all indriyas and promise (vrat) to do our best effort to attain this goal.

Water inspires us to improve our life by following its qualities.

1) Calm and Cool: -We should remain calm and cool . Stop/control anger and aggression.

2) Cleanliness: –Water is used for cleaning body, clothes, places and various things. We should use our existence to correct, improve, social/personal/cultural evils, bad habits, unfair norms and blind faith. We should keep our body, thoughts, speech and behavior clean.

3) Flow verses Stagnation: –When water flows in rivers, rivulets, waterfalls, it remains clean. Water stagnant in a pond, starts evaporating and smelling bad, gets polluted. Hence, whatever prosperity, knowledge one has acquired by God’s grace, if not shared and kept moving will stink, as the dirty water of the pond. On the other hand, if one wishes to have one’s possessions growing and be beneficial to you and others; BE GENEROUS. Share; donate wholeheartedly, physically, mentally and financially. Indulge in selfless service SEVA.

4) Nurturing to multiple “Bahujan Sukhai“: – All living beings, human, animal, vegetation grow and survive with the help of water. Be fare and helpful to all. It is used for navigation, be it a small boat in a river or a huge cargo ship on a vast ocean.

Energy giver. Many a machines in factories and manufacturing industries use water. Steam is used to give speed to many a vehicles. It is used to create hydropower and electricity.

Source of Entertainment. It is a great source of entertainment, for example, boating, swimming, ice-skating, ice hockey, water parks etc.

Food. A supplier of food as fish, seafood, for the people living near water, rivers, lakes, oceans.

We should try/learn/practice to be most useful to most of the world around us.

5) Water is a free gift of mother nature. Water from rain, rivers, springs, waterfalls is free.

Similarly our giving should be without any conditions and contingencies. Do not expect gratitude/thanks for what ever you do.

6) Equanimity: -Water keeps a smooth, straight level. Even if waves come, it levels it off as soon as it can. So all our reactions in favorable or difficulties/hurdles, should be calm, smooth and we should try to stay level headed. Have an attitude of “It is Ok. No problem” in adversities and humble in success.

7) Water God: –

In conclusion, WATER IS GOD (DEVTA). It is Punya to use it properly. A Paap to misuse, waste or pollute it.

Fishermen, sailors worship water bodies as GOD. Many a temples, ashrams holy cities are built on the banks of rivers, where masses go for an auspicious holy bath. Water does not discriminate against religion or nations.

We will be happy if we use our lives properly, usefully. If we abuse our existence here, our human life (Manav Chola) will be a total waste.

Water gives us a message of progress, speed, (Sukh) happiness and peace (Shanti).

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