Propkaar (February 2015)

In the Hinduism, among all the prescribed rituals, the Yagya/Hawan is accorded the highest place. While many do perform it on daily basis, on auspicious life-events like Greh-Pravesh to sanskars like Vivah and Anteyshthi, majority of the Hindus perform Yagya to pray and seek God’s blessings. By nature, Yagya is intrinsically sacrificial and benevolent (Propkaar – परोपकार) act – and

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Shauch (January 2015)

Through the monthly assignments, research, presentations, and discussions/real-life example expositions on the assigned topics, the hawan kids are building a gradual yet profound understanding of many of the subtler aspects of human character and noble life. Continuing the exploration we started last year on Human Characteristics, this month’s assignment is Shauch (cleanliness). Per Patanjali Yog, Cleanliness has two aspects: internal (aantrik shuddhta/shauch)

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