Respect in day-to-day life – दैनिक जीवन में आदर व सत्कार (November, 2015)

As we spoke on the last Hawan, as part of this month assignment, kids will focus on and write about real life examples of the topic we covered last month: Respect. Based on what kids shared, it’s clear that they built a fine theoretical understanding of the topic. However, without internalizing the concept, they may not be able to benefit

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Respect (October, 2015)

As soon we hear the word Respect, immediately, in subconscious mind, an image of a respected person, mostly our parents, elders, and/or teachers, arises. Some may also visualize some prior scene of a respectful person offering reverence to a person/God. There is something spiritual in the sheer act of respect that not only impacts the person being respected and the

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Mid-Year Revision (June, 2015)

Unlike other species, God has endowed the human species with a unique gift: the ability to continuously learn and acquire new knowledge. However, without revision, the learnt knowledge is susceptible to be lost. To ensure the acquired wisdom is ingrained, this month, we will have a mid-year review of all we have learnt throughout the year. This month, Kids will

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