End-of-Year Presentation (December 2016)

Namaste, As one of the critical parts of any learning is revision (पुनरावृति), without which the learned topic is likely to be forgotten, this month, the hawan kids will review and revise their year-long learning. At this month’s Hawan, kids will share their understanding of all the topics of 2016 in multiple, creative ways: e.g., presentations, skits, poems, posters and

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Diwali and its teachings दीवाली (October 2016)

Isn’t it a beautiful coincidence that the monthly Hawan this time falls on the auspicious day of Diwali! Let’s take this blessed concurrence, which I do not recall happening in the last 21 years, as an opportunity to share with kids the truer, deeper meaning of Diwali and other festivals’ celebrations.   Navratri, Ashtami, Durga Puja, Dushehra, Ahoi, Diwali and…

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Sanyam – संयम (April 2016)

One of most versatile words in the Indian scriptures is Sanyam (संयम). It has several meanings that fit in myriad of contexts: self-control, restraints, forbearance, abstinence, moderation, sobriety, temperance, chastity and so on. While all of these meanings have deep significance, for this month’s assignment, we will focus on Self-Control.  We will explore the meaning of Sanyam (self-control), benefits of

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