End-of-Year Presentations (December 2019)

Highly cherished character is built when a person acquires “right” knowledge and that knowledge is put into action. And, when that character is accompanied with leadership qualities, a wholesome success is undoubtedly secured. That is precisely what we aspire for our hawan kids.

This year, our kids have learnt a number of deep topics. To make sure that those topics are not only well understood but also assimilated in the kids’ behavior, the assignment of this month is to review all the topics from year 2019 and present the gist. In this month’s assignment, the mode of the presentation is also important. Unlike the regular month, this month’s presentations will be shared in the form of powerpoints, skits, poems, posters, projects, or any other creative ways. The key aspect is that the kids convey their points in a style that helps them grow to be effective communicators and leaders.

As for what all to cover, the kids are expected to split their presentations in the following three logical parts:

1. An overview of the year’s topics (if it is a powerpoint, this should be no more than a single slide)
2. Two topics that the kids most resonated with (if it is a powerpoint, this should take no more than two slides).
– In this section, the kids will introduce the topic, talk about why they liked those topics along with some real-life examples (preferably their own experiences).
3. How attending hawan and working on the monthly assignments has been impacting the kids. Encourage them to reflect on the spiritual (e.g., moral values, ethics, character) as well as material (e.g., leadership, public speaking, support group/friendships) gains.

Please advise the kids to keep their presentations to around 5 minutes. I will also encourage siblings/friends to present together, whenever possible. If they plan to use powerpoint presentations, please have them email the presentations at least a day in advance.

We are proud of our group kids – and looking forward to feel even more prouder.

Harsh Mendiratta🙏