Parents Day – माता-पिता दिवस (July 2019)

Hawan this month will be celebrated as the Parents Day

It is very likely that majority of us remember a time when we thought our parents were the superhero, invincible, and the best human beings on earth. We wouldn’t hesitate to brag about them in front of our friends. But, it was a long time ago – probably a whole lifetime ago. As we grew, we started to see them as regular human being – and, sometimes, full of inadequacies. It is only after that we (who were kids at one time) become parents ourselves, we start to realize the depth of our parents’ love and sacrifices. Unfortunately, we still don’t take time to go sit with them and tell me how much we appreciate them. Why? Why is that?

Why is that the two persons who love us unconditionally – and I mean completely and utterly unconditionally – we miss to reciprocate their love. If it comes to friends, kids, or spouse, we do not mind frequently saying things “I love you!”; however, we completely forget to express our appreciation to those two souls who brought us in this world.

To ensure the same sorry cycle does not repeat generation after generation, we have started to celebrate the July hawan as the माता-पिता दिवस (Parents Day). At this special and unique hawan, we worship the live God. Yes, we pray, adore, and praise our parents (i.e., everyone’s personal God in flesh).

Not that we must not respect them every day, on this day we explicitly take time to celebrate their contributions. Think of this day as a Karwachauth. On Karwachauth, ladies pray to God for the long life for their husbands; on the Parents Day, kids pray to God for the long and healthy life for their parents.

As the assignment for this month, kids are expected to put together their thoughts in terms of a short essay (no more than single paragraph) on the role of their parents in their lives. It MUST reflect their true feelings.

Attire: Indian traditional dress

Stuff: Pooja Plate with Diya, Tilak, and Fruits/Sweets

Additional points for the parents: After the hawan, you, the parents, will also be performing pooja of your parents. In this regard, please be ready to call your parents. If they are away (say, in India), you may want to give them a heads up. Tell them our group will be celebrating the Parents Day this month, where your kids will be performing pooja of their parents (i.e., you); and, you will be performing pooja of your parents (them).

At the hawan, when you speak with them and worship, please share some of the genuine words of appreciation. Not that they don’t know how much you care or love, but sometime saying in words is critical (particularly when a person ages). I can assure you that your expression of love and thankfulness will become one of the best memories they will cherish for a long-long time – if not forever.

During the event, I will encourage you to share some of the live pictures with them [over WhatsApp or other messenger applications]. And, if possible, please plan to do a live facetime/video chat.

Om Shanti Om!
Harsh Mendiratta