Don’t be Fake – बनावटी बनने से बचें (June, 2018)

If I were to ask you whether you know someone who is not authentic or is fake, most likely the answer is going to be an affirmation. Despite the trickeries of fake persons, it is not difficult for any mature person to spot them. But, still people do try to trick others, thinking they are too smart to be caught. A fake person always hurts others, particularly those who are close to him. It could be putting undue pressure of his pretense or outright deceit. On one wishes to be around them. But, before we immediately start noticing fake people around and abhor them, let’s take a look in mirror and ask a question: am I not a fake person, myself? Anyway, spirituality is not to identify faults in others; instead, it is to critically evaluate and correct oneself. The topic of this month is Don’t be Fake (बनावटी बनने से बचें).


Kids will cover
– What is fakeness/pretense?
– How do I identify fake people/behavior?
– Am I a fake person?
– How does my fakeness is more harmful to me than others?
– What can I do to shed my pretense?


Harsh Mendiratta