My Parents are… (July, 2018)

“My parents are always right – they know everything; they can do anything; they are above God,”

“My parents do not know some of the things,”

“My parents do not know most of the things,”

“My parents know nothing,”

“My parents are embarrassment,”

“I cannot stand my parents,”

“I do not want to see my parents,”




“My parents are right some of the times,”

“My parents are right about most of the things; in fact, I must consult them for important issues,”

“My parents know everything,”

and, finally to a recognition that…

“My parents are my true God!”

It’s appalling yet near accurate modeling of what goes on in the minds of the majority of children as they gain independence, intellect and, finally, wisdom. Alas, often, this cycle is too long! By the time the realization that “My parents are always right!” comes, it is a bit too late: the “are” has been replaced by “were”, i.e., “My parents were always right!”


Irrespective of what goes in children’s minds, parents’ love for their children never changes: it is as unwavering as a huge rock on a seashore which doesn’t move despite the continuous assaults of the forceful waves. Unfortunately, for the parents, appreciation of this fact comes when the children become parents – for the same cycle to be repeated yet another.


Let’s do whatever we can to end this cycle at the onset. As most of you know this month, like the July Hawan of the last year, we have a special and unique hawan where we will worship the live God after Hawan. Yes, we will pray, adore, and praise our parents everyone personal God in flesh.


Assignment: *My parents are the best parents in the world because…* It will be a short but potent paragraph articulating two key qualities and real examples of your parents that make you believe you have the best parents in this world.


*Attire:* Indian traditional dress


*Stuff:* Pooja Plate with Diya, Tilak, and Fruits/Sweets


*Additional points:* After the hawan, you, the parents, will also be performing pooja of your parents. In this regard, please be ready to call your parents. If they are away (say, in India), you may want to give them a heads up tonight. Tell them we will be celebrating tomorrow as a Parents Day, where your kids will be performing pooja of their parents (i.e., you); and, you will be performing pooja of your parents (them).


At the hawan, when you speak with them and perform pooja, please share some of the genuine words of appreciation. Not that they don’t know how much you care or love, but sometime saying in words is critical (particularly when a person ages). I can assure you that your expression of love and thankfulness will become one of the best memories they will cherish for a long-long time – if not forever.


During the event, I will encourage you to share some of the live pictures with them [over WhatsApp or other messenger applications]. And, if possible, please plan to do a live facetime/video chat.


Om Shanti Om!

Harsh Mendiratta