End-of-Year Presentation (December 2017)



As one of the critical parts of any learning is revision (पुनरावृति), without which the learned topic is likely to be forgotten, this month, the hawan kids will review and revise their year-long learning.


The main goal of human life is to be happy and joyful. Not just the fleeting joy, which we get from external causes like physical objects, people, parties, praises etc., but to achieve never-ending happiness, ever-fresh joy, and endless peace. And this blissful state cannot be achieved until we are clean from inside and free of vices. This year, except for the month of July, we worked on identifying different vices and ways to eliminate them from our lives.

At this month’s Hawan, kids will share their understanding of all the topics of 2017 in multiple, creative ways: e.g., presentations, skits, poems, posters and projects. The idea is to present what they learnt in a creative and effective manner – with confidence and ease.


Format of the presentations: Kids will introduce all the topics from the year (if it is a PowerPoint presentation, please limit the introduction to one slide). Then, each kid will share the details of two topics/vices that they feel are not letting them achieve their full potential. We would like to hear how Hawan kids will work on removing their two key vices.


Kids, make the group proud!



Harsh Mendiratta