How To Get Along With Others (December 2005)

1.     Remember that you are special and so is everyone else.

2.     Pay attention when people speak to you.

3.     Say “Please” and “Thank you”.

4.     Treat others the way you want to be treated.

5.     Look at people when they speak to you.

6.     Keep your promises.

7.     Control your anger (try counting to ten.)

8.     Let people know that you care about them.

9.     Cooperate with others.

10. Communicate how you feel.

11. Be kind to people and animals too.

12. Don’t be a bully.

13. Use nice words not put-downs.

14. Think before you speak or act.

15. Show respect to everyone.

16. Show an interest in what others do.

17. Praise others fro their achievements and their efforts.

18. Talk things out with adults you can trust.

19. Tell the truth and be trustworthy.

20. Play fair and by the rules.

21. If you can’t solve a conflict with someone, find a third person to help you talk to each other.

22. Don’t judge people by their looks or their background.

23. Work for peace in your home, your school, your community, your country, and the world.

24. Learn about other cultures.

25. Be proud of your heritage and teach others about it.

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