End-of-Year Presentation (December 2015)


Like previous years, in the month of December, instead of a new assignment, we review our year-long learning. The theme for this year is continuation of the last year topic, Human Characteristics as prescribed in the Hinduism. And if the kids’ candid narrations are any hint, they are not only learning new traits but also trying to apply the learnt skills in real-life scenarios and to evaluate themselves on how and where they couldn’t.

Let’s see how our kids have understood and imbibed all of the learnt traits. In this month’s Hawan, kids will share their understanding of all that they learnt throughout the year in multiple creative ways: in the form of presentations, skits, poems, posters and projects. The idea is to share what they learnt using different modes – with confidence and ease.

Kids, make the group proud!

Harsh Mendiratta
Hawan.net | Hawan Group of Central New Jersey, USA