Importance of Thinking (June 2005)

All of us are thinking machines. We are thinking all the time – either consciously or sub-consciously. The kind of thinking we entertain has profound impact on our lives. We become what we think most of time. Any and every great – or shameless – event starts from a tiny thought.

In our Vedic culture, sages have placed high importance on incorporating the time for cleansing the mind on regular basis. A dedicated time for meditation twice a day is recommended. We are advised to constantly reflect (manan) upon our thinking flows. In Hindu prayers, too, more importance is given on correct thinking than asking for worldly objects.

In monthly Hawan, most of common mantras we chant, a wise and correct thinking is requested from God. In Gayatri mantra, we pray to the God for continuously inspiring us towards righteous paths. In Shiv Sankalpam mantra, we pray to God to fill our minds with good thoughts. The prime reason for this request is that if the mind is filled with positive and good thoughts, rest will fall in place automatically.

A high respect for nature of thinking and tuning of mind is needed from very young age. We need to share the importance of positive thinking with kids. When we repeat negative thoughts such as “Why did they do this to me,” “It’s their fault,” “I am no good,” or “I can’t compete,” we misuse and abuse our thinking. If such feelings are not carefully eliminated from kids’ thinking process, they can cause major obstacles in achieving full potential in lives. We need to identify and slowly eliminated negativity, selfishness, and confusion from our thinking. One easy and time tested way to avoid such feelings is to fill mind with positive thoughts.

For this month, the topic for kids is “Importance of thinking”. We need to discuss it with kids, and let them prepare the talk. They can speak about mantras we chant (that talk of positive thinking); they can speak about their experience of feeling good when they entertain more positive thoughts, like, “I am happy,” “I am healthy and strong,” “I feel good when I help someone,” or “I can do great things in life” etc.

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