Annual Revision (December 2012)

It is the time of the year when instead of a new assignment, we stop and take stock of our year-long learning. The theme of the current year is Hinduism. At the start of the year, we set some humble goals like,

  • build a common understanding of the basic tenets of Hinduism
  • identify & appreciate the core beliefs and teachings in various aspects of life
  • answer the basic but key questions and concept of Hinduism in your own language, like, who is a Hindu? What are the attributes of Hinduism? Various names and forms of Gods.

We covered the following topics in the monthly assignments:

  •  Overview of Hinduism
  • God
  • Hindu Scriptures
  • God, Soul, and Matter
  • Law of Karma
  • Rebirth
  • Ashram System
  • Life Goals/Aspirations (Purushartha)

In this month Hawan, we are looking forward to seeing your understanding of the topic in the form of presentations, skits, poems, posters and projects. The idea is to share what you learnt using different modes. Make us proud!



Note: If you are doing a power point, please bring it in a USB drive.