Lord Krishna (April 2005)

Krishna was a dynamic incarnation (Avatar) of Lord Vishnu. Krishna’s incarnation brought a powerful influence upon Indian thought and life. Every aspect of Krishna’s life and deeds is a symbol indicating a subtle truth.

Lord Krishna is represented in different forms in different pictures. Each form signifies meanings and teachings. In all the representations, there are some common attributes.

Krishna’s crown is adorned with a peacock feather. In old days, peacock feather was considered unlucky. When Krishna heard this, He just picked up the peacock feather and placed it on His crown. Can you imagine, how important and special the peacock feather must have felt, to know that the Almighty Lord chose it, to become a part of His crown? So now when the feather falls from the peacock, it is happy, as it knows that Krishna will give it the respect and love that it deserves.

The above story teaches us a lesson. It tells us that no one, and nothing is unlucky. It also teaches us that God loves everybody. He also, loves them, who are not loved and respected by others. So next time, you consider someone ‘not good enough’ in studies, sports etc. Remember that God has a special place for them. If you love and respect them, God will also make a special place for you, in His heart.

Krishna holds (or plays) flute in one hand. The flute is hollow, and Lord Krishna plays the enchanting music with it. Similarly, when a human empties his/her of evil/selfish thoughts, God fills it with divine breadth of OM.

In some pictures, Krishna holds a discus on his index finger. It symbolizes the readiness and eagerness to destroy all the forms of ignorance and demons of errors. Bad thoughts cannot come and stay with us if we are always ready to attack and destroy them.

In some, Krishna is shown standing atop a dragon in a river. Here the dragon and its many heads represent ego and evil desires and river represents mind. From time to time, evil desires rise in our minds, but like Krishna controlled and crushed the dragon, we need to control and crush our evil desires.

Krishna is blue in color and wears yellow clothes. Blue color represents infinity – sky and ocean also appear blue. Yellow symbolizes earth and renunciation. Even though we are in this vast infinite world, we should not get attached with our belongings.

Lord Krishna is also described as holding a cane in one hand and showing a symbol of wisdom (gyana mudra) with the other. As Krishna holds cane to drive cattle to pasture lands for grazing, we need to drive our sense organs to sense objects wisely without indulging in them.

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