Ashram System – Four Stage of Life (August 2012)

Ashram System (Four Stage of Life)

Another major contribution and one of the main teachings of Hinduism is Ashram System. While Ashram literally means a place for spiritual and religious retreat, Ashram System describes a way of life. According to Hinduism, the human life has four major aims: Dharma (righteousness), Arth (wealth), Kaam (pleasure), and Moksha (liberation). To achieve these aims in the progressive order, certain sets of code of conduct are defined for different stages of life. The human life – from cradle to grave – is divided into four stages, which are called ashrams. These are Brahamcharya (student), Grahastha (household), Vanaprastha (retired), and Sanyasa (renounced). The Ashram System describes the dos and don’ts for these four stages of life. Assignment for this month is Ashram System.

Mantra of the Month (MoM)

Sixth mantra of Ishwar Stuti Prartha Upasana Mantras


Om Prajaa-pate! na twad etaan-yanyo vishwaa jaataani pari taa babhoowa.

Yat kaamaas-te juhumas tan-no astu vayam syaama pat rayeenaam.


God is creator and protector of all creatures; there is no one equal to Him. May He fulfill our good desires so that we may become prosperous and enjoy pleasures of life.

Kids can prepare an overview of the Ashram System or expand on an individual Ashram. As always, please take time to discuss the topic with kids.


Harsh Mendiratta