End-of-Year Presentation (December 2014)

Like previous years, in the month of December, instead of a new assignment, we review our year-long learning. The theme for this year was Human Characteristics as prescribed in the Hinduism. Before embarking on this journey, in January’2014, we set a goal for ourselves as stated below.
“This year we will learn and focus on one trait per month. We have covered this theme before, but instead of making it just an academic exercise, this year, focus will be on making those traits integral part of our life. Each month kids – and parents – will try to
–          imbibe the learnt trait;
–          critically evaluate (i.e., self-evaluation) identifying where and why we succeeded/failed;
–          resolve to improvise.”
Let’s see how our kids have understood and imbibed the learnt traits. In this month’s Hawan, kids will share their understanding in multiple creative ways: in the form of presentations, skits, poems, posters and projects. The idea is to share what they learnt using different modes – with confidence and ease.
Kids, make the group proud!
Harsh Mendiratta
·        This month’s hawan is important in the sense that if you missed any hawan this year, it is the best time to catch up and learn from others.
·        This year’s assignment topics are at http://tarunmendiratta.com/hawan.net/wp/.
·        Lastly, those preparing computer-based presentations, please email your files at least a night before.