Mid-Year Revision (June 2014)

As you know, the theme for this year is ‘Traits that define human character’. In the past five months, we covered the following five attributes: Truthfulness, Non-violence, Non-stealing, Forgiveness, and Curiosity. Based on what kids have presented, it is obvious that kids are building a fine understanding of the everyday as well as spiritual meanings of these attributes. However, to ensure the teachings of these assignments aren’t forgotten but become an integral part of our character, we need to periodically evaluate ourselves. Instead of covering a new trait, this month’s assignment is to review all the learnt traits. Kids will focus on their experience living these traits. For instance, how easy (or difficult for that matter) is it to imbibe the learnings in our day-to-day lives. Parents can take this as an opportunity to have heart-to-heart discussions with their kids while helping them overcome their challenges. Please encourage kids to capture their real life experiences for this month’s exercise.
Harsh Mendiratta