Law of Giving (September 2004)

We make a living by what we earn – we make a life by what we give

–        Winston Churchill

Giving and receiving are part of nature’s cycle. Whenever someone receives something, there is someone who has decided to give. Therefore, the desire to give should be as natural as expectation of receiving.

Another interpretation of this law is you get what you give. The more you give the more you get; be it love, be it respect, be it care, be it help, be it money, etc. Contrary to the common belief, give whatever you lack in life and you will have abundance of it. You will get back whatever you give in multiple folds – whether you like it or not. Therefore, give best of bests that you possess.

We need to teach our kids to share and give. It can be sharing with family members, friends or unknowns. We need to work with kids in appreciating the pleasure that comes from the act of giving. An admiration of this law in childhood will help build a mature and patient adulthood.

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