Respect for Parents & Teachers (February 2010)

“Matri Devo Bhava”

“Pitri Devo Bhava”

“Achaarya Devo Bhava”


Let your Mother be God

Let your Father be God

Let your teacher be God

This verse is taken from Taitarya Upanishad. In Hindu culture parents and teachers are considered equivalent to God. We believe that God loves cares and nourishes you through your Parents. He provides knowledge to you through your teacher. He blesses you through them.

Parents always bless you when you approach them with open heart. Achieving success in God’s worship without caring for one’s Parents and teachers is impossible. Humans have true well wishers in the form of their parents and teachers. They are more delighted in person’s success and achievements than the person himself.

In Hindu families, we put a great deal of emphasis on respect for parents and elders. Many of you have observed a common custom of bowing down to touch the feet of elders and parents to seek their approval and blessings. It is the most common yet a very powerful gesture that signifies the importance of respect for parents and elders.

Just like it is parents’ duty (dharma) to take care of their children and raise them to be good citizens, for children their parents serve as the divinity in person.

Hinduism is replete with stories of great sacrifices made by noble people to fulfill the desires of their parents. For example, Lord Rama left his kingdom and spent fourteen years in exile to keep his father’s words. Shravan Kumar carried his blind and frail parents on his shoulders to pilgrimage of ‘char dham’ (Hindu holy places) to fulfill their desire.

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