Hard Work – Purusharth (October 2009)

Purusharta is defined as working hard to achieve worthy goals in life. One of the basic principles of the Hindu thought is that every person is unique and free to enjoy life in a manner consistent with the natural laws that guide our actions. There are four aspirations or purushartas, in which all Hindus engage. They are Dharmas, Artha, Kama and Moksha.

Tackling challenges builds character. All of us have desires to do things, but question is where will these desires take us? It is important for us to realize whether a desire will lead us to success or failure, happiness or despair, and accordingly, take the appropriate path. When you live for a purpose, then hard work isn’t an option. It’s a necessity. You have to admit to yourself that the only way this purpose is going to be fulfilled is if you embrace hard work. And this is what takes you beyond fear and ego. Purpose and hard work are buddies. Purpose is the why. Hard work is the how. Purpose is what turns labor into labor of love. It converts the pain of hard work into passion. The sages ask us to channelize our energies in a disciplined way to achieve our dreams.

Create a purpose for your life, and live it each day. And many of the other success habits like hard work will fall into place automatically.

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