Ahimsa (January 2009)

Meaning Of Ahimsa

Ahimsa means to treat all living beings with love without a trace of jealousy or anger.

Ways of Living Ahimsa

  • First way to live a life of Ahimsa is to know and understand the evils, which arise from violence. One way to control violence is to think of others as you think of yourself.
  • Second way is to realize that God is the father, mother, ruler and teacher of all the living beings of the world. Hence, all the creatures deserve love and respect, not anger or hate. God treats all with love. He feels no anger and no hate towards anyone whatsoever. Thus, by practicing the ways of love and non-violence in thoughts, words and deeds man gets confirmed in ahimsa.

Benefits of Ahimsa

  • The man who observes ahimsa in thought, word and deed at all the times, in all ways, without any distinction grows so firm in love and charity that he retains no hate and enmity towards any creature.
  • The second benefit of ahimsa is the love and grace of God. God loves and blesses those who love and bless others.
  • The third benefit is the elimination of suffering and the attainment of peace. The man of violence is always agitated at heart. But if he gives up violence he feels a shower of peace in his heart.
  • The fourth benefit is intelligence. Violence darkens the intelligence but when we act with love our mind, heart and intelligence expands.
  • The fifth benefit is good health. Ahimsa gives us peace and happiness of heart. and gives us a glow of health.
  • The sixth benefit is that by love and non-violence, one gathers the strength of social unity.

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