Fire and Its Significance in Hindu Religion (July 2008)

According to Hindu culture, fire is considered the sustainer of life. Fire is of great significance in Hindu religion.

  1. FIRE: It is ignited by rubbing of two stones or striking a matchstick. Thus, it is a symbol of hard work. One must work hard with the goal in sight to succeed in life.
  2. FLAME: It always rises up. We should always strive to move ahead and never to fall back. Be a devtaa, not a destroyer or a devil
  3. LIGHT: A symbol of knowledge. We should become wise by constantly keeping good company, hard work and self-study.
  4. HEAT: A symbol of speed. We should always be creative and live a healthy long life while doing good deeds.
  5. WOOD: There is fire in the wood (Samidha), but it is not visible till we ignite it. We have hidden virtues and Godly powers in us. Make all efforts to develop them.
  6. LIMITS: Fire in control is useful. Kitchen fire cooks our food; engine runs on the steam of boiler. If that fire is out of control, it will burn a home. Wild fire is destructive. Similarly all our energy should be used for good and not out of limits or it will hurt and destroy us.
  7. SACRIFICE: Ghee and wick in a deepak burn to give light to others. It is a supreme lesson of living for others and doing well for all.
  8. PURITY: Gold and other metals become pure, when heated in fire. We should face and go through obstacles and difficulties bravely, to be a better and accomplished human being.
  9. DONATION: All the ghee, samagri, sweets offered to Agni is shared and given back to the environment. Whatever we have or get, wealth or knowledge, it should be shared with others.
  10. JYOTI: One jyot lights another, without loosing it’s own light. When we help and love others, we only sow the seeds of happiness and grow along with others.

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