Mountains (May 2008)

Hindu religion’s reverence for the sea, soil, forests, rivers, mountains, plants, birds, and animals stems from its broader view of divinity. Unlike many other religions, Hindus believe that all things and beings in the world are various manifestations of the Ultimate Reality (Brahman), and nothing exists apart from It.

The whole emphasis of Hindu scriptures is that human beings cannot separate themselves from nature.

“The rivers are the veins of God, the ocean is His blood, and the trees the hairs of His body. The air is His breath, the earth His flesh, the sky His abdomen, the hills and mountains the stacks of His bones, and the passing ages are His movements.”

Mountains, which are formed due to earth plates’ collisions, have a very special place in Hinduism. Whether it is home of our mythological gods and goddesses or preferred abode of our Rishis to meditate, mountains have been very important part of our culture and traditions.

Just a thought of mountains is so beautiful and peaceful that the students of meditation classes visualize them to control their minds. The impact of mountains’ serenity is so intense on it inhabitants that their hearts and minds acquire humility by nature. Kalidasa , India ‘s greatest poet characterized the Himalayas as “a stairway to heaven.”

Mountains represent peace, beauty, serenity, spirituality, strength, determination, and generosity. We must strive to acquire and imbibe these qualities in our lives. They teach us that our lives can be peaceful, humble, spiritual, and strong, at the same time.

The way mountains shower solace and enlightenment on those who come in its contact, we can learn to offer help and guidance to others.

Mountains are critical components of our eco-system facilitating the water cycle. During winter, they accumulate snow, and during summer, they use the melted snow to feed its vegetation. The rest of it is given back to society in the form of rivers. They give us lesson on generosity and money cycle: earn, spend, and donate.

As the mountains stand steadfast amid rough weather conditions, they teach us to stand tall and not loose faith during the adverse life conditions.

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